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Soccer + Hamburgers = Fun May 17, 2010

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

As if soccer couldn't get any more awesome...

I watched  FC Sonic crush NJ Blaze on the Television the other night, and I have to say, it was pretty entertaining. This guy Ricky Mucelli is as talented a player as any I’ve seen in NPSL since 2008, and of course the ever-present Sam Bishop was solid. Plus I’m pretty sure I saw coach Weity walking around my neighborhood the other day. He mixed his metaphors during the Channel 2 interview the other night, but I can forgive him for this gaffe. He seemed a bit under-prepared for the hardline questioning fired relentlessly by the Service Electric color team.

Since I am currently attending Lehigh, the matches are super-easy for me to get to, and extra-affordable since I can get in for $2 as a student. They also happen to show FC Sonic matches on Service Electric channel 2, as I alluded to earlier. And really, what then hell else do you have to do @ 7:30 on a Sunday night?

Note to the Chairman: Undo the top two buttons on the Polo shirt, you looked physically uncomfortable, as if your head was being squeezed out like cookie dough from the neck hole on your shirt. Otherwise, a decent interview that seemed much more relaxed than your earlier efforts.

Also, for you masochists out there, Pocono Snow lost to the same hapless Blaze team that was destroyed by FC Sonic, 1-0. Fun Futility Fact: Pocono Snow have never won a match. Never. Ever. Their lone point came in a draw with PA Stoners last season.

Check it out, support local soccer.



1. Marc Silverstein - May 17, 2010

was it a shake or a cola…c’mon now don’t leave me hangin’

2. Wicket the Ewok - May 18, 2010

Needs a representative for Carl Brutananadilewski…

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