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You Want Fries With That? February 7, 2010

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

A few weeks back I reported that the PA Stoners had mysteriously disappeared, their website replaced by something called FC Lehigh. I don’t know much about FC Lehigh other than it appears to be a local soccer academy…nothing too interesting about THAT. Regardless, no one seemed to know anything about the Stoners fate, and that included the NPSL PR guy.

Nonetheless, I decided to check back and see if I could find out anything else. Well, thankfully the NPSL team section of their website has been updated; of particular interest was, of course, the Keystone Conference lineup. Gone are stalwarts such as Boston Aztec and Charm City FC. However, we have another  new club in Buffalo (FC Buffalo, following Buffalo City and Queen City) and another in Maryland (following the aforementioned Charm City and FC Maryland). Add this to New Jersey Blaze (of New Brunswick), Reading Revs, Erie Admirals and of course the Snow, and you have the 2010 Keystone representatives.

Oh yes, and there is one more. Something called FC Sonic. A curious moniker, that.  I Googled it…lots of Sonic the Hedgehog references, and a team down in Central America. Then I found this.

Where is Rodan when you need him?

I’ve posted the homepage graphic here for scrutiny. Notice that the “FC” is identical to FC Lehigh. It’s a very unusual font. Then of course you’ll notice the Sonic Drive-In chain logo, with the words “Lehigh Valley” tacked underneath.  The “o” in sonic has been deftly replaced with – surprise! – a soccer ball. And of course the obligatory Godzilla, as if a real monster of a team is ready to be unleashed on NPSL. Our weapons will be useless; perhaps a Raymond Burr soliloquy would be helpful here…

Since there is only one Sonic in the Lehigh Valley (in Nazareth) and the copyright tag has been left on the “Sonic” part of the logo, I can only assume that the team has a corporate sponsorship from the guys who brought you the Chicken Club Toaster and Chili Cheese Tots. Either that or it’s a pretty lame and blatant ripoff of a corporate logo.

Nonetheless, more to follow as it appears. Best of luck to GodzillaBurger FC or whatever it is.

BTW: I have a Stoners inaugural season jersey for sale. Send me an email (pennsarmy@gmail.com). I also have a Blackburn Rovers Jersey (from the ’90s I think), a Glasgow Rangers GK jersey (from ’96), and a Celtic Jersey (from ’05). No reasonable offers refused, I need dough like anyone…



1. Guess - February 13, 2010

Well, it’s a good thing that they’ve got soccer folks in charge of a soccer team. The previous bunch (except Wolfgang) were a bunch of posers who had no real connection to the game at any level, save for personal or familial playing. They probably stopped because, after a year of working it on their own, they found out that it was actually difficult. What they said about helping the soccer community is a joke; they couldn’t even field a reserve team or youth sides. The only positive after the first year was the coaching staff; the second bunch did an outstanding job. As for taking credit for the championship, it is a joke. That team had already been together for three years and were proven winners. The coach the first year was an innocent bystander who played little kids games at training.

I hope the Sonics make a good go of it. They have the backing of a decent sized, if pretty mediocre, youth program. The coaches will likely be the same and that’s a good thing. I just hope they can generate enough interest to make it work. If the logo is any indication, I don’t know…

2. Cha-cha-cha-chia! - February 22, 2010

Wolfgang isn’t a poser? lol. Pretty much every person I talk to involved with him thinks he is an absolute joke. (both boys and girls)

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