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The Usual Suspects February 20, 2010

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

Chairman Fred (apparently with the help of Sonic) ready to steamroll NPSL

Do you remember when, in The Usual Suspects (1995), it is revealed that Verbal Kint’s story is an elaborate and improvised concoction, made up of strung-together details culled from a crowded bulletin board in the office where his interrogation took place? And that Keyser Söze is none other than Kint himself? Yeah it’s pretty cool, I guess.

Last week I posted that something called FC Sonic was ready to emerge upon the NPSL scene here in the Lehigh Valley, backed by FC Lehigh, as one commenter put it, a “decent-sized but pretty mediocre youth program.” The particulars of who would be running the team were not apparent, although it wasn’t too much of a reach to expect that after the disbanding of the PA Stoners, some of those so-called usual suspects would reemerge as team management to their burger-flipping benefactors.

My hunch was confirmed by an article in the Morning Call today. Basically it’s the same group that managed and coached the Stoners in 2009 to a mid-table finish. Not really sure how this group is going to be any more successful off-the-field as on, aside from the sponsorship and the apparent connection to the youth program. Plus the team crest is pretty weak, so don’t look for merch sales to be off-the-hook. That’s an urban term for unexpectedly strong. I think.

Anyway, lets hope the tots can drive-in on goal and shake things up. And by that I mean dump hot fry-oil on the competition, rendering them incapacitated. Thank you.