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Wicket the Ewok is my Hero August 6, 2009

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

So I’ve been getting some positive feedback to my negative posting where I was contemplating quitting. The usual suspects encouraged me to keep going, but I was still on the fence. The reasons to step away were many: I am starting a MS program at Lehigh U (my third iteration of ‘college’); I’m trying to stay gainfully employed as much as possible; and really, it’s quite a bit of work to be informative, witty AND engaging.  This mixed with the statistics about who is actually visiting the site (see my last post), and I was leaning toward dropping this altogether.

Then I received a comment that really opened my eyes — and it seemed to be from someone who had never read this blog before:

“Why not keep going? I just found the blog (while Googling Danish Midget Porn) and I’m interested in finding out if there is a rivalry between the NPSL guys and the USL.

Hang in there.”

– Wicket the Ewok

B.A. had just better not interfere with the development another pre-warp civilization.

B.A. had just better not interfere with the development another pre-warp civilization.

So needless to say, how could I deny A) a loveable — and furry! — Ewok; and B) someone who somehow found this site while searching for Danish midget porn, and then asks a really interesting and relevant question? I can’t! If I quit, the battle for Middle Earth will have been for nothing, and all of Wicket’s people who sacrificed themselves fighting Lord Voldemoort and his minions, the Borg, will have died in vain.

Curse you B.A. Baracus! Your lousy people skills clearly violate the Prime Directive.

And so it continues…



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