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Jacko Death, CCFC/NPSL Fiasco Distracted Me July 15, 2009

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

R.I.P. Jacko. Say hi to the Snow's 2009 season for me.

Sure, there has been a lot of hubub lately– NPSL is mad at me over my CCFC comments from the past week, and before that it was the death of the King of Pop. Then there was Kim Kardashian in a skin tight racing outfit. This all served to distract me from the real issue: the Pocono Snow were super sucky this year.

I’m not even sure where to begin with this one, there was so much promise going into the season. I may have even gotton a little too excited over the prospect of having half of last years championship team on the roster–so much so that I called out the Stoners Pres for stretching the truth about the defections in his infamous RCN5 interview. I still don’t buy it. But hey, they had a miserable season as well. Miserable, but not completely devastating like, say, the Snow had. But I digress.

I think it all started to unravel the opening weekend, when the team released (maybe I’m being charitable) Nani DaSilva from his duties as head coach. It was pretty obvious that whatever system he had in place was not working. There may have been some communication problems too, but I was not there.

All I can say is that from the four home matches I attended, I noticed (as a newb to the nuance of the game):

A) The positioning was wildly unbalanced. Players were either spread way too far apart or bunched up along the sidelines. Many times they were either not getting up or getting back quick enough (see below part ‘B’). Pretty frustrating to watch;

B) Fitness. Seemed like these guys would run their heads off for the first 60 and were completly blown out to finish the matches. See part ‘A’ above;

C) Attitude. Now this is going to be touchy and maybe offend some people, but it’s just my observation based on the fact that I watch a lot of what is happening on the bench as the game progresses. There seemed to be a lot of horseplay and goofing-off during the matches, and I can only look to the coaches for guidance here. Now, I know Coach is a great guy, he was very nice to me when we met, but it struck me as odd that rarely did he become vocal, hassle his players or even STAND UP during the matches. While opposing coaches were usually yelling and moving around, he did not seem to be the least bit alarmed by what he saw. Again, this is my interpretation from the stands, but if it disturbed me, it should have at least agitated him into giving his guys some hell.

The Assistant Coach’s meltdown near the end of the Erie match was silly and seemed to me to really light a fire under the Admirals (for those of you who weren’t there, he got into it with one of the Erie players after preventing him from taking a throw-in–I saw it up close, so no use denying that–and then was scolded by the ref). The worse of it was that it broke the Snow’s momentum. Undoubtedly it was built-up frustration and — I know — the Assistant is supposed to take the heat and do the dirty work. However, in my opinion, it turned the tide of the match.

But really, in the end, what are we talking about here? It’s a short summer schedule, not that many people show up, and the league is a joke (see my past few entries). I would have liked to have seen a win this year, but there’s always next year, right?



1. Traffic Jammer - July 16, 2009

The Coach is a good guy — but being a good guy doesn’t win games. He was way over his head — even as an assistant. It didn’t matter who the coach was with this team though — even Mourinho couldn’t win with these players. Even the Stoners championship team last year had 7, maybe 8 quality players total on it and dominated the league. As you stated, the league is a poor league. Players miss games for vacations — teams are not advertised to the public properly. This league could be played in a park somewhere, no need to play in stadiums and create all this hooplah.

Ryan - July 19, 2009

@Traffic Jammer.

–Teams are not advertised to the public properly.

The job of each individual team is to advertise to their own area where they live. All teams are plenty capable of writing out their own press releases, creating their own buzz.

The league will be rolling out the new PR plan in 2010, so this is being addressed from my standpoint for the league, but it needs to be taken care of from a club POV in their respective region.

Chattanooga FC draws 2,500 people a match, how is that not advertising to the public properly?

2. Traffic Jammer - July 20, 2009

When the Pocono Record shows only little blurbs regarding that days match — the teams are no advertised properly, and that is their own fault. Sorry if I made it seem like it was someone elses.

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