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Off-Broadway News: CCFC and NPSL to Star in “The Cask of Amontillado 2: Electric Boogaloo” July 13, 2009

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

Never, ever forfeit twice in one weekend

Never, ever forfeit twice in one weekend

Channeling Edgar Allan Poe and doing their best Montresor impression, NPSL has sealed the fate of poor Fortunato – played here by CCFC – and stripped them of their season points by walling them up in the cellar. Sweet revenge for NPSL, or just great news for the Pocono Snow who held that distinction for approximately, well, half the season?

CCFC was heard uttering “For the love of God, Montresor!” by issuing a statement on this post:

“Apologies to everyone in the league whom this has effected.

Again, I don’t understand the thought process here. Why strip them of the points they’ve legitimately won? That’s just stupid, almost as stupid as scheduling 3 matches in less than 24 hours, two of them a 7 hour drive away.

“…My heart grew sick; it was the dampness of the catacombs that made it so. I hastened to make an end of my labour. I forced the last stone into its position; I plastered it up. Against the new masonry I re-erected the old rampart of bones. For the half of a century no mortal has disturbed them.

In pace requiescat!”



1. Chris - July 14, 2009

They lose points because the rules state each forfeit a team has loses 3 points.

2. Ryan - July 14, 2009

It happens in any league if there was a forfeit, you are docked points.

And the question I pose to you is, how do you propose to schedule three matches that need to be played in one week? Saying ‘the games should have never been moved’ is not an argument, they were moved on CCFC’s behalf, to be played at a later date.


3. Master Shake - July 14, 2009

My thought is that it’s a stupid rule. I don’t care what other leagues do, I just happen to think it’s dumb. The rule should be that they play a requisite number of matches to be eligible for the playoffs, not docking them points they’ve already earned. But what do I know? If everyone likes the rule, then it doesn’t matter what I think.

My opinion on the CCFC sitcuation is that it should have never gotten to the point where CCFC is rescheduling two matches into one weekend (in addition to the one they already had). As I understand it, the matches were cancelled well before June 12. By my calendar there was AT LEAST an entire two weeks into which either of those matches could have been scheduled, plus an additional week before playoffs. As it turned out, the final weekend didn’t matter, but what would have happened if the points race came down to forfeits? If Erie had lost to Reading and tied CCFC, and Buffalo tied or beat CCFC, it’s a different story. But hey, it never happened, so why are we even talking about this?

Anyhow, to somehow think they were going to play 3 matches in 24 hours, all while driving at least 7 hours the night before and a couple of hours in between is ridiculous.

4. Chris - July 15, 2009

I know it was ridiculous. I wanted them to play on the weekend of the 4th, but the players didn’t want to come up on the 4th, they wanted to come up the 12th and do the double header. It really comes down to the CCFC players not living up to their end of the bargain.

5. Marc' - July 15, 2009

the league has to shoulder at least some of the blame with this, they should have forced the CCFC players to play on the weekend of the 4th…this mostly for their own health, safety and benefit…if they refused to show at that point then the team should have been thrown out. As MasterShake has pointed out it was only by luck that a major NPSL disaster was averted.

6. Master Shake - July 15, 2009

I agree with Marc’, but I guess either way they weren’t playing the matches. Sounds like it was a no-win (literally) from the get-go.

I stand by my other statements. The rule is still dumb.

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