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The Maths Don’t Lie June 28, 2009

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

"I should have listened to me mum and practised the maths."

A British Lad: "I should have listened to me mum and practised the maths."

I was always puzzled by the British pluralization of math as a subject. You may notice this when watching BBC America.  Usually it’s some guy with ill-fitting hair gurgling on through his teeth about how poor he was at the maths. I’m guessing this is the shortened version of mathematics, like telly for television. I prefer the American way of lumping the subject into one monolithic fortress of confusion by simply referring to it as math. I was always pretty bad at it, meaning all math, no need to pluralize it or make any distinctions. It just is what it is, a horrifying situation that has in the past caused me great stress and anxiety.

However I am not so bad at math that I don’t understand that the Snow’s chances of making the playoffs are approximately 0.0%. I think this actually happened around matchweek 5, following their loss to the only team playing worse than them, the previously winless and frankly hapless FC Revolution.

So using my math skills, I figured out that out of a possible 15 points they had managed to come out with 1. However with 5 to go, there was still some hope, all they would have to do was win-out and hope everyone else split their games, roughly. They then proceeded to drop the next 2 by a combined 9-1 score, 4-0 last night at home to the FC Revolution. To be fair, their play at home has been much better than on the road, surrendering far fewer goals.

The rest of the season will be for pride. They can start by beating the Stoners, who still have a slim chance at a playoff berth, at Whitehall. Then they can muddy the playoff picture for both Erie and Buffalo City. The season may be over but it’s not a total loss.



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