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A Weak Week June 14, 2009

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

So this week I headed south to Charlotte, NC. The ride was about 9 hours or so via Harrisburg and Roanoke, VA.  This was a suprisingly pleasant ride, in stark contrast to the mind-numbing 8-hour sprint to Columbus, OH that I would make  7-8 times a year. Worse yet was the 13 hours to Savannah, GA, but at least there was the pay-off of Savannah being a beautiful city.

Charlotte is not necessarily a bad place. It has some very nice neighborhoods and seems generally clean with a shiny new downtown to support the banking industry.  The mountains aren’t that far away.  But generally it’s a very boring place, and it seems like they tore down most of what made Charlotte interesting to build those shiny new office towers.

Plus there is no real BBQ to be had, local food culture having seemingly given way to corporate cuisine in support of all the suburbanites who occupy those nice neighborhoods and work in those glittering skyscrapers.  It’s the WASPiest place I’ve been to so far.

So too the Snow were traveling, and rolled into Reading on June 6th to take on the lowly FC Revolution. Or is it FC Reading Revolution? The choice to start off with “FC” seems to be a bit Europhile, or bad Español, and the name Revolution is not exactly original. Somewhere in there they sometimes stick “Reading”.  The whole thing is weird and doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Not like “Pocono Snow” at all. And look, this is America, so there’s no use pretending that somehow substituting “football” for soccer is any more appropriate than calling a taxi a “lorrie” or an elevator a “lift”.

Unfortunately, the Snow were unable to beat the previously winless FCRR, who came into the match with a miserable -11 goal differential. Luckily the Snow managed to get some offense going and scored 3, but the porous defense surrendered 4, 3 in the first 16 minutes.



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