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Didn’t See that Coming June 1, 2009

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

F. Murray Abraham sez: in soccer, only goalies use their hands.

F. Murray Abraham sez: "in soccer, only goalies use their hands."

The first homestand of the season started somewhat dubiously. Recovering from the flu (non-swine), I was forced to hitch a ride to the match, and my physical condition seemed to follow the fortune of the team–starting out shaky, doing a little better, before falling apart. The ride home was horrific; after being forced to endure a grease-athon at the Nazareth Sonic by my sadistic chauffeur, I eventually vaulted to a 102 temperature and was passed out by 10PM.  Incidentally, the Snow lost the match to the somewhat crappy Charm City FC, 2-1. Horrendous.

Saturday was uneventful.  I had enough energy to prime a window sash. Then I retired for the rest of the afternoon on the couch and watched F. Murrary Abraham match wits with cannabilistic apes in the SciFi Channel original movie Blood Monkey. Don’t watch this if you are even remotely feverish.  Trust me, it’s nightmare fuel of the hominoid kind.

Sunday I was feeling much better, so this time I drove up to E. Stroudsburg. This was a somewhat bitterly-toned match agaisnt the dirty, dirty Stoners. Neither team looked particularly sharp, but the Snow struck first for their (so far only) lead of the season. The dirty, dirty Stoners later countered on a somewhat questionable PK, the Snow’s 23rd handball of the year. The officiating was atrocious, and the play was equally weak at both ends. It ended in a 1-1 draw, although without some absolutely stellar goalkeeping it would have been more lopsided, in the dirty, dirty Stoners favor.

Afterward, we went to Dansbury Depot  – you know, you used to catch the train here, but now you get a great meal – for a meet and greet with the players and to eat some wings. We were informed that was a one-time-only deal (following Game 1, when I was on death’s door). Like the match, I saw a few players trickle in and quickly retreat, but really only one or two guys showed up and stayed ’til the end. That was a poorly veiled dig, by the way.

We had some decent wings, saw some local color in the parking lot afterward, and headed home, this time avoiding the Sonic. I then watched a Seinfeld rerun and konked out.



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