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OOOF! May 25, 2009

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

Where is Mr. Darcy when you need him?

Where is Mr. Darcy when you need him?

I was not at either of the matches along the god-forsaken shores of Lake Erie this weekend, but it apparently did not go well.  And I’m not talking about some sort of Jane Austen thing where despite all of their social woes, in the end everyone is generally happy.  I’m talking about Alderaan vs. Death Star bad, and that ain’t good.

First, the Buffalo match slated for Friday evening was moved to Sunday, making cross-state rival Erie Admirals their first regular season opponants.  At full time it was 2-0; 24 hours later, they were drubbed by a lost tribe of Neanderthals known as Buffalo City FC, 5-1.  My only solace comes in knowing that only about 50 people showed up, and most of them were three-sheets-to-the-wind by sundown, which in Buffalo terms means you’d better have your stake, cross and holy water ready if you somehow miss the last stagecoach.

Next week, the home opener against Charm City FC, who crushed Reading this weekend. WHEEEE!!



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