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Forget Being a Stoner, I’m Hooked on Snow May 2, 2009

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

It was bound to happen…all of those PSAs warning me of the dangers of being a Stoner, that it was merely a gateway to bigger things.  I didn’t listen.  I didn’t want to hear when Nancy Reagan just said NO.  I didn’t heed the warning of my brain as it sizzled in that frying pan. I should have asked questions.

In Miami, its OK to wear white after Labor Day!

"In Miami, it's OK to wear white after Labor Day"

But then I think about Sonny Crockett.  Sure, he may have been hardened by street crime, driving a Ferrari, and wearing a white linen suit, but he knew that despite all the trouble, every cloud had a silver lining.  “You just got to learn to go with the heat Rico”, he mused. ” It’s just like life. You just gotta keep telling yourself, no matter how hot it gets, sooner or later there’s a cool breeze coming in”. Hmmmmm…

For me, this trouble began a little more than a year ago, when I ran a series of blogs about the Stoners founder and former President, someone whom I found interesting not just as a home-grown soccer story, but for his interest in growing the soccer culture at the grass roots level. After this I was accused of being a “fanboy”, of being disloyal to the Stoners, and even took some heat from Stoners brass for running these pieces. I guess this was some sort of intervention. But I did not cave in to the pressure. No way were they sending me to their figurative Florida to “straighten out.”

Recently I published a blog questioning what I felt to be disingenuous comments made by Stoners’ Brass in an interview that ran on RCN4, which once again drew the their ire. It was about this time that Penn’s Army were dropped from the fan section of the Stoners webpage . Clearly the gateway had been opened, and I was walking through. Sorry, Nancy! I watched a ton of Miami Vice, and Crockett has yet to steer me wrong…Nash Bridges notwithstanding, lest we forget Nash’s partner was none other than the original stoner Cheech Marin.

So for all you Stoners out there, remember the words of Charles DeMar from the teen angst comedy classic Better Off Dead: “Wait, wait a minute…Oh. Oh! Ugh! Outrageous! This is pure snow! It’s everywhere! I think I just froze the left half of my brain! Look! I can’t move my right arm!”

What this has to do with what I’m talking about I’m not sure, but the gateway is real, and I think it means Penn’s Army has moved on from being Stoners to hooked on Snow.



1. CP - May 3, 2009


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