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Free Beer and Pummeling April 11, 2009

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

Buffalo City Aggro factoid: hooligans hate rattan furniture

Buffalo City Aggro factoid: hooligans hate rattan furniture


Apparently, former members of the “O-Block” (see the previous entry) studied their British Slang websites and came up with the hardcore new hooligan nickname, “Aggros.” This was accomplished by pluralzing the word “Aggro,” which Merriam-Webster defines as British : deliberately aggressive, provoking, or violent behavior.”   “Youth Soccer Night” at the stadium should be loads of fun — I’m sure most of the kids haven’t heard an organized chant of the “F” word, or seen 30 guys vomit on each other yet. So far, so good!

BCA claim “Aggressive Aggravated Aggression” on their web page. You may have noted that all three of these compounding descriptive words are found in the “A” section of Websters. Now, you could claim that when forming their mantra, mental fatigue forced them to simply stop at the word aggressive.  Or maybe it was an intentional use of  some grammatical trickery known as an alliteration (which incidentally also begins with “A”).  Members of BCA should have no problem finding out what this word means, they just have to call the guy who owns the dictionary. Or they can just click on the handy link.

Anyway, as if I wasn’t terrified enough, on the splash page there are some evil black and blood red stripes, and a devilish pointy font that shows me they mean business.  I haven’t even see what lurks inside! Actually, I have, and it’s pretty much written in the classic “O-Block” style, except a little more, well, aggro. It also helps if you read this with a Joseph Gribble voicing:

“Nasty Rumors have been circling around the BCFC fans over the last couple of weeks. Jake is trying to uncover the truth of these rumors. I will not list these rumors until they are certified FACTS. Unfortunately, some important people who can put these rumors to rest are unreachable for the next week. FACTS will be posted here on the home page as soon as they are verified.”


Nasty rumors?  Did they beat up some 7th graders for their lunch money? Isn’t anything nasty the point of being in a group that promises “Aggressive Aggravated Aggression”? I would think these guys would welcome ANY rumors that attest to how nasty they are.

By the way, you’ll be happy to know Penn’s Army made the ENEMIES list.  Score one for the good guys.



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