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RCN4: Your Source for Stoners News* April 20, 2009

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

*Not actual news

Which way to E. Stroudburg?

"Which way to E. Stroudburg?"

Recently on RCN4 (it may have have aired on RCN Daytime, I can’t be sure) was a fairly innocuous interview with Chairman Stellato about the Stoner’s upcoming season.  Everything was pretty standard-issue, except for the part where he claimed that the Stoners lost most of their players from the 2008 championship team to the Pocono Snow because (and I’m paraphrasing) ” it was easier (for them) to get to E. Stroudsburg U. than Whitehall”, or something to that effect. 

On the surface, which is as far as I have looked, this claim or official position or whatever you want to call it, just doesn’t make sense.  After reviewing the 10 or so players that have switched teams, fewer than a handful (3 or 4) are currently located closer to E. Stroudsburg than Allentown. At this point I’m not even sure who is returning aside from Sam Bishop, their star GK from last season, as they have not published their 2009 roster. Of course, to be fair only the Snow and Buffalo have announced their full squads thus far. Reading only has a partial list.

C’mon. Saying that most players chose Snow over Stoners because of proximity is like saying the reason more polar bears drown now than in the past isn’t because the ice caps are melting, it’s because “they just don’t swim as well as we thought they did”.

UPDATE!  Don’t forget to check out the comments section for the Chairman’s rebuttal. In other news Penn’s Army was dropped from the Stoners website.