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Snow Press Conference Buffet a Smash…Plus Some Stuff About Soccer March 23, 2009

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.


Left: Chicken wings. Right: Coconut and BBQ shrimp.

This past week was the Snow’s first press conference, held at Glen Brook Country Club in Stroudsburg.   Being an esteemed member of the press, I was invited to participate.

The highlight of the event was the buffet, free to those in attendance, graciously provided by Glen Brook’s Clubhouse Café and featuring BBQ shrimp skewers, chicken wings (non-sauced) and coconut shrimp.  This was followed by a selection of mini-cheesecakes and some other thing that was either a larger, flatter cheesecake or a lemon tart.  I would have sampled that, too, but I had already filled up on wings.  Attendees also had a choice of regular or decaf coffee, and iced tea.  I’m not certain, but “soft drinks” may have been involved as well, because I’m pretty sure I heard someone use this oddly generic term.  Prior to this it had only been uttered occasionally by Midwesterners and in ’60s sitcoms in the days before product placement.

There was also the usual fanfare that surrounds these types of events, player and coach intros, etc, etc.  As a bonus, it included media coverage by an attractive female correspondant from the local TV station, who seemed to be pretty popular amongst the players in attendance.  At one point I guess perhaps someone was getting a little too chatty, and she dropped a non-sequitur by mentioning that her “brothers played ice hockey”.  Of course, we experienced men know that is simply code for “if you continue to talk to me, I will have them beat you up.”



1. Tom Ehrlich - March 23, 2009

Hahaha I’m expecting that food to be there next time too…

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