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Ooops! NPSL March 15 Date was Probably for 2010 March 19, 2009

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

If the glove does not fit...  

“If the glove does not fit…”

For the past few weeks, I have been harping on NPSL to update or upgrade their website into something useful. As it turns out, they were attempting to do this, first by reassuring us that by March 15 the new website would be operational. Curiously, when March 16 arrived, there was no website. By March 17 the notice had been removed.

But now I understand! It wasn’t for this year, it was for next year (despite an unfortunate typo on the NPSL website that said it would indeed be March 15, 2009).  Of course by next year I mean any year after 2009, possibly 2011 but not 2012, because the world will have ended by then.

How do I know this?  because listed under “Football Partnerships” on the LinkedIn  website (you need to be a member to view it) is the following solicitation posted March 18 (yesterday)

“We need a new soccer league website

Our league is looking for groups to submit proposals for a new league website. Obviously as this is for a league, it would have to have dynamic content. We don’t need video or anything like that, just a basic database that would house the league stats and something that is visually pleasing.    Posted 1 day ago”

I mean, why would they first announce on or around February 28, 2009 (apparently in response to this post) that a new website was on the way by March 15, then pull that announcement two days after the self-imposed deadline, then the following day post the above plea on a business networking site?  

The only explanation is that we here were an entire year off.   Like Columbus mistaking Cuba (an island) for mainland China (on the continent of Asia), an honost error.  

My apologies to NPSL for this obvious misinterpretation.




1. npsl insider - March 20, 2009

well if you must know, the new site was terrible, so we didn’t post it. So now we are pretty unhappy with the current providers and would rather post something that is much better than keep getting harped on for having a lousy site. I guess it’s better to keep the current site for now rather than post another lousy site and get more derision from everyone. I would rather have the apology still up-believe me, as I’m not happy with the site at all.

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