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Make-Believe Christmas March 16, 2009

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post Midnight in Islamabad, I awoke this morning all wide-eyed and hopeful.  I descended the stairs and rounded the corner expecting to see a sparkling cornucopia of shiny new stuff.

How about a nice...football?

How about a nice...football?

Instead what I got were some lime-green socks and a pair of cranberry-colored corduroys (sorry about the alliteration).  The same thing I get every year, that I tuck away in a drawer and never wear.

The new NPSL website was supposed to happen yesterday: it did not.  But hey, it was a Sunday, so I decided to cut them some slack.  The problem is that now it’s March 16, and Make-Believe Christmas is officially over, and we didn’t get our new stuff.  Sure, you’ll say “Christmas is all about togetherness!” to which I’ll say “…yeah, but I really wanted that Kenner Death Star playset”.  I guess in the end you get used to being disappointed, and Make-Believe Christmas is no different.

UPDATE!  References to the NEW NPSL site, which was to be uploaded March 15, HAVE BEEN REMOVED!  However, if you are somewhat intelligent you can find additional references to the March 15 date elsewhere on the site as further evidence of this ruse. 



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