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Midnight in Islamabad March 15, 2009

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

Pakistanis: tired of NPSL rhetoric.    

Pakistanis: “tired of NPSL rhetoric”.

Well, it’s slightly past midnight in Islamabad, Pakistan.  Do you know what locals are doing right about now?  Sleeping?  Watching re-reuns of “Who’s the Boss”?  Nope.  They are sitting around their computer screens, wondering “where is the new NPSL website?”

OK, ok, to be fair, it’s still only around 9am in Hawaii.  That gives them approximately 15 hours to post the new website, lest they break their promise.  Can’t remember back that far?  Read on.  It makes less sense now than it did two weeks ago:

We are sorry that our current website has not been as updated as we want it to be in this off-season.  We are working on our new website and the launch date is March 15, 2009.  There will be very minimal news on this current site, and are truly sorry for this.  As teams provide information to the league office, we will post to our current site.  For up to date news, please visit your team’s home site.  We know this is not the best situation, but we are working on finally providing the sort of website the blogosphere has been calling for.”

The “blogosphere”, as quoted above, is none other than yours truly.  I don’t know that we (I) qualify as a “blogosphere”, but hey, it’s something to put on my resumé, right above “mulch-bag filler”.

So time marches on, and we will continue to waste an entire Sunday afternoon telling you about it.

In other news…

Stoners Night at the Copperhead Grille – Tuesday March 24 from 5-8pm at the Copperhead Airport Road location only.  Come meet the Stoners, enjoy your favorite foods and beverages, and support the Pennsylvania Stoners Sports Academy as 10% of your food purchases will be donated by the Copperhead Grille to the PSSA.



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