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“O-Block”: Rest in Pieces? March 31, 2009

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

Do you remember our war of words (well, actually words vs. grunts) with the so-called “O-Block”, Queen City FC’s supporters group?  After QCFC’s dismal run last year, during which they lost 2 embarrasing matches to the eventual champion Stoners, Queen City FC disbanded, and the “O-Block” along with them. Seemingly, anyhow.

O-Block: Alive and Grunting

"O-Block": Alive and Grunting

The “O-Block”, despite their claims to the contrary, were not as well-organized as they would have us believe.  Yes, there was a “blog”, which we linked to here until they stopped updating it late last year; and there were a couple of MySpace and Facebook pages, on which their membership pledged support support for Queen City “’til they die”, and proclaimed  “Oi Oi Oi!” among other Anglophilia (including some fightin’ words they picked up in the movie Hooligans).

Beyond that, it was hard to find any mention of the group, their activities, their membership, and so on and so on.  In fact, according to some who attended the 2008 Stoners season opener at All-High Stadium, there was only a small crowd in attendance, some of whom may have been supporters, although it was hard to tell if there was any organized chanting or just random epithets hurled at anyone within earshot. One person even suggested that the neighborhood was so sketchy, that “O-Block” membership probably stayed home out of fear for their safety.

 So I was suprised to find that not only is “O-Block” still alive and kicking, they are not quite who I expected.  Who knew I was verbally sparring with teenaged girls, many of whom (tragically) have chronic arthritis in their middle finger?

UPDATE:  Please click on the “Comments” link (above) for an official explanation re: the demise of “O-Block”.