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NPSL Website: Epic Fail February 28, 2009

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

Has anyone visited the NPSL website lately?  I have.  I think it’s because I suffer under the delusion that somehow it will be updated regularly.  Sort of like how I keep thinking Dad will be back with that quart of milk, cigarettes and newspaper any day now. ANY DAY NOW…

Instead of telling you what hasn’t been updated, I can tell you what has been updated: the “News”  (represented in the below statement [in bold] by the “scrolling updated news bits”).   This bit of the site seems to be updated on a monthly basis.

Speaking of which, you’ll notice that at the bottom of the “About Us” page is this claim:

“Professionally designed, maintained and operated web site, real time statistics, online purchasing, real time game reports, scrolling updated news bits”

However, some careful analysis of the above statement by our team of researchers has uncovered this:

1. “Professionally designed, maintained and operated website”.  If by “professionally designed” they mean they paid someone to do it, then I guess it’s pretty good, if this were 1998.  The league’s awkward mantra sandwiched between two small logos all on a minty fresh background?  Zoinks! The “About us” and “News” pages at the wrong end of the nav bar? Jinkies! NPSL, please take a small portion of that entry fee money and get some graphic design student build you a proper website.  You could probably get it for the cost of some pizza and a case of Natural Light.  Better yet, call the guys over at Buffalo City for some advice, they have a nice, professional looking site.  

As for “Maintained and operated”?  Maintained?  See below.  Operated? Well I guess it IS ultimately powered by a computer, and that is probably operated through the magic of electricity. Thank you, Ben Franklin!

2. Online purchasing.  I haven’t determined what they are selling yet, but I’m pretty sure it A) won’t fit, and B) will be the wrong color.

This just in: More details in 1946.

This just in: More details in 1946.

3. “Real time statistics”: Real time means “as they are happening”.  The Stats page is not real time, and I’m pretty sure it isn’t even accurate.   Same goes for “Real Time game reports”.  Actually they stopped recording the 2008  Midwest schedule in June. JUNE! Many of the final scores in the southwest region weren’t even recorded.  I can’t find the playoff results anywhere, but I’m pretty sure they had some playoffs.

In visiting the site as often as I do prior to the season, I’m really only hoping to see the following: the current divisions and teams, and the schedules.  

Bottom line is if you expect anyone to take this seriously you have to at least try and give the appearance that the league is still in operation. Updating the look is a good place to start, and updating the content is absolutely essential.



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