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GoogleMaps Allows you to visit Buffalo City FC, Avoid Gang Warfare February 23, 2009

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.


Recently I was considering making an unlikely second trip-of-a-lifetime to Buffalo, NY to visit All High Stadium while attempting to represent my team amidst what would undoubtedly be a less than friendly crowd.

Thankfully, Google has devised a clever way to prevent visiting fans from being threatened with a broken bottle during the National Anthem.  It’s called GoogleMaps Streetview, and with it you can be whisked away to exotic locations such as Mercer Avenue in Buffalo.  Ironically, the virtual trip seemed more real than my actual 1991 visit – and way less weird.   

Actually, all kidding aside, All High stadium is a pretty cool place, built in the distinctive Collegiate Classical-Revival style that characterizes many buildings of the pre-depression era, nestled in a residential neighborhood that is anchored by the imposing Bennett High School building.  Unfortunately, most communities have abandoned this concept, which is a real shame, because on game days there is nothing like a bustling neighborhood for which the centerpiece is a glowing and humming stadium, like we have here in Easton, PA.

So have a look around using GoogleMaps Streetview–use your mouse to walk around the building, peer beyond the fence to the covered stands, and imagine what it would be like to drink a beer by absorbing it through your scalp.



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