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Bold Predictions for 2009, #2: Stoners to Brush off Crum January 12, 2009

Posted by Master Shake in Latest Info.

Blowin' the lid off.

Blowin' the lid off.

As promised back in November, Rumor Kitty has returned from his extended stay at the Kitty Carlisle Hart detox center Resort and Spa to deliver some juicy news and rumors.    

Why such a long wait?  Rumor Kitty never mixes business with pleasure.

As was deftly suggested in that post, the Stoners would be dumping the JBC for another home field site.  Can you blame them?  JBC is all wrong–the field is crowned and super artificial with grid lines, the music was horrible (no thanks to the ASD for their fascist control over the music selection that somehow deemed “Cottoneyed Joe” acceptable for human consumption), and the distance from the pitch to the booth is way too far. Those of you who witnessed the RCN correspondant “getting his heart rate up” know exactly what I’m talking about (thank goodness there are paramedics on hand).  Plus, who knows how many windshields had to be replaced after an errant shank by one of QCFC’s finest?  

Rumor Kitty has surmised, after hours of careful research and through covert meetings with informants, that the Stoners could likely be moving from the “Crum” to the soccer friendly confines of Whitehall HS soccer stadium, as pictured below (Image courtesy of Skynet–all hail our future robot overlords).  As you can see, this is a soccer-only venue, seats about 1,700, with ample off-street parking.  Unfortunately, it’s located somewhere near the New York border, which is a horrible, horrible place.


Stoners new digs?

Stoners new digs?



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