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Our Bold Predictions for 2009: #1 – There Will be Snow in May January 2, 2009

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

See?  This headline proves global warming is totally fake.

Actually this bold prediction is not what it seems: prediction doesn’t, in this case, actually mean “prediction”…no, no, it was a clever ruse to get you to read on.  And when I said Snow I didn’t mean it would “snow”, I meant something completely different.  See how tricky language can be?  And yet you continue to read as if your very life depended upon finding out what I am talking about.

Philip Michael Thomas can expect the river of royalty checks to flow once more.

Philip Michael Thomas can expect the river of royalty checks to flow once more.

So without further adieu it pleases me to announce that your friends @ Penn’s Army (me) will be adding a second team to the blog!  In addition to the 2008 NPSL Champion Stoners, Penn’s Army will also be covering the newly formed Pocono Snow, based @ East Stroudsburg U’s Eiler-Martin Stadium in E. Stroudsburg, PA, filling the soccer void between Allentown and eastern Canada…just kidding, we all know anything above the Bucks Co. line is considered Canada.

Regardless, it will be truly exciting to have two teams in such close proximity, establishing a natural rivalry from the get-go.  

In this vein, despite the protest of some, it is our self-appointed duty as ambassadors of soccery fandom to stoke and prod this rivalry along through the playful banter and insults that have characterized this blog since it’s inception (see here and here).  Covering both the Snow and Stoners will also be a souce of endless Miami Vice and Fast Times at Ridgemont High jokes.  THINK ABOUT THE POSSIBILITIES.  It also gives us an opportunity to double our coverage of Buffalo’s finest, Queen City FC, taking their lumps with the usual grace and dignity they are known for.

Anyway, check out the Snow at their  temporary (let’s hope) website.   The Snow front-office features a virtual who’s-who of local soccer–just check out their “Who We Are” page and it should give you a sense of the level at which the team is being built.  

They also have a sweeeeeet logo designed by a really talented guy whose name escapes me at the moment.  See below for this truly inspiring work of art.

Covering both teams does present problems for the staff here at Penn’s Army (me).  Like who to root for during the expected annual or bi-annual derby.  I did, after all, pay big bucks for the oversized Stoners flag you see flown at home matches.  Aside from that, much depends on the uninterrupted flow of perks and comps.  We here at the Army aren’t above accepting bribes gifts.

So, we will close by welcoming the Pocono Snow to our blogosphere.  Anyone interested in the derby as mentioned above, please drop me a line here at pennsarmy@gmail.com. Rumor Kitty will have more news to follow in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!


Sweet, sweet Snow

Sweet, sweet Snow



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