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News from around the League–yet still no Bigfoot November 4, 2008

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

Standard issue White Sox fans

Standard issue White Sox fans

This is the worst possible time of the year to try and blog about what is happening with NPSL–basically it’s “not much”.  I’ve been focused mainly on the Phillies winning the World Series (during which I was holed up in a Des Moines hotel, forced to watch it with drunken Chicago White Sox fans whose  wardrobe and hair-dos stopped evolving around 1987–ugh) and the election.  High hopes…can my luck be this good during one calendar year?  Probably not.  Something is sure to go disastrously wrong.

Check out the latest over at Queen City FC.  They have some exciting news to report (well, for them at least), which will make our jobs here in the Lehigh Valley even tougher this coming season.  I hope the Stoners brass has a trick or two up their sleeves to keep the magic alive.  See how I use magician humor right there?  Abcadabra…I just made some readers disappear.  Magic.

There is also some good news for players around NPSL being picked up by the senior leagues.  Check it out.

Nothing to see here

Nothing to see here

Hopefully soon there will be a major announcement here at Penn’s Army…can’t really give anything away just yet.  AND NO, it does not involve bigfoot, so please do not send me angry emails demanding more answers.  This means you, “ANONYMOUS”– I know who you are.

For future reference I shall just refer to “anonymous” as “T. Ervin”.

Actually, let’s just call him Todd E.

Maybe I said too much.

No bigfoot!

Rumor Kitty Speaks!

After a long silence, Rumor Kitty has returned with a bombshell.  Read on–if you dare. MMWahahahahaha…


RK has learned that the Stoners will be moving their home field from the cavernous confines of the JBC to, as a source described it, “a location that is more friendly to soccer, (and) provides a more intimate setting for the fans”.

How does Rumor Kitty find this stuff out?  Freemasonry is a mysterious thing.



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