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10,000 Hits = Zero $$, Untold Lost Hours September 11, 2008

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

Well, as you have probably not noticed, Penn’s Army is poised to crest the 10,000 visit mark sometime today or tomorrow.  One of the really cool features of using WordPress is that it tracks your traffic in several different, ultimately useless ways that somehow, like butterflies, rainbows and ear hair, never fail to amaze me.  The problem is, if you really read the statistics carefully, you’ll quickly realize that most of your traffic have absolutely no interest in your blog.

Sally Struthers has no interest in this blog.

Sally Struthers: no interest in this blog, big interest in Ewoks. Look out, Wicket!

One of the ways people have been led here are through Referrers, like when your doctor says he can’t remove the warts, but he knows someone who can.  That guy totally lied.  Anyway my top 3 referrers this past 10,000 were, in order:  1) pennstoners.org, 1,619 referrals; 2)  sonsofben.net, 257; and 3) bigsoccer.com, with 46.  A big thanks to our friends in Buffalo who contributed a scant 18, although I’M SURE that is probably no reflection on how much traffic they get.

My absolute favorite way to track visitors, however, are the Search Engine Terms.  This is where someone goes to the Google, plugs in, let’s say Sally Struthers, and up pops this blog.  Well, I owe a debt of gratitude to the multitude of Star Wars geeks out there, without whom I would not have had 126 unique visits.  Ewoks was the number one search engine term.  YUB YUB!  This was followed by Conan the Barbarian, Alex Trebek and Keith Moon.  Oh yes, and a couple of people actually searched for Penn’s Army.  But they were probably me.

One last thought on 10,000 clicks: my good friend Mike, who runs the excellent blog Bugs in the News, wanted to know why I didn’t have any ads on the site.  Because it had never occurred to me that somehow I could make money doing this, I looked into it.  Turns out WordPress does not allow clickable ads on their sites, which is too bad, because I was going to buy my wife a new wedding band.  Sorry baby, don’t blame me, I tried.  Besides, you can twist Reynold’s Wrap into all kinds on neat shapes.

So, once the 10,000th click happens, Penn’s Army will be officially on hiatus for re-tooling.  Look for the new, improved, vastly more complicated and interesting blog sometime in late October.  More Ewoks!  More Conan the Barbarian! Lots more Alex Trebek!  OK, maybe not, but definitely more Ewoks.



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