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Stoners to Face Over-30 Kung-Fu Rugby Team August 2, 2008

Posted by Master Shake in Latest Info.

If you go to the St. Paul Twinstars website you will notice several things:

1) Some of their players are over 30;

2) At least two of their players were clearly former fullbacks in the International Rugby League;

3) Their logo features dueling twin Dragons, which means all of these guys are probably Shaolin monks.

The upside is that the Stoners are younger, faster and will be well-rested.  St. Paul defeated Long Island on penalties on Friday night, and are of course jet-lagged from the long flight from MN.  The downside is that Twinstars have mastered the Tiger-Crane, drunken monkey, mantis, and dragon claw styles.

Too bad their soccer technique is —NO GOOD!

Rumor Kitty knows whats up

If the Stoners can somehow become affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan, that might be helpful.  I’m putting in a call in to RZA and GZA right now.

The Stoners face St. Paul TwinStars Sunday afternoon in Long Island @ 12:30.  Penns Army unfortunately will not be able to attend but you can follow the match on twitter.com.  Sign up and search for chipbuck!

“The greatest victor wins without a battle. Yield and you need not break.”



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