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Techno Dance Party Music Hurt my Brain…and oh yeah, Stoners Win! July 30, 2008

Posted by Master Shake in Latest Info.

Three factors that contributed to a restless night’s sleep:

1) The prospect of spending next week in Des Moines, Iowa and having to share a room with my boss, who is a heavy smoker and prefers to go pants-less;

2) BK Double Stacker w/fries and a Coke prior to last night’s match.  I have not had BK OR a Coke in over 5 years;

3) The entire Jock Jamz Megamix CD played at full volume before and after the game.

Forget the first two.  I blame a lost night of sleep AND my current inability to concentrate/form sentences on whomever decided that staging an impromptu Alpha Phi Delta frat party was a good idea.

Stoners match or dance party down da shore?

The match: Stoners attacked and scored before the half.  NYAC countered in the second half and knotted it at 1.  A late goal saved the Stoners from overtime and penalty kicks.  All-in-all, not an impressive match against a lesser team.  In fact, the Stoners were so slow, it took them an hour-and-a-half to watch 60 minutes.  WOKKA WOKKA!

Hello career in stand-up

Apparently my drumming totally sucks.  I know this because:

A) Flitsy Von Scarsdale and her mother, the two “NIIIGGHHYAKKKK” fans in attendance, made sour puss faces at me all evening;

B) Every time I would hammer out a “rhythm”, people (especially kids) would turn around and look at me in an annoyed way;

C) Somebody from the Stoners told me my drumming, to paraphrase, “could be better”.

Now that it has been proven that both Jim and I are is a horrible drummers (me for technique, him for enthusiasm), the drum is officially retired.  I will, however, bring it next year for any kids who want to try it out.  That being said, we need to recruit some marching band drummer types.

UPDATE!  Someone from the Stoners told me my drumming was fine.   Take that, Jim!


Oh yes, and anyone who can tell me who the portly, blondish guy with the RCN mic is, I would appreciate it.



1. Techno Artists - July 31, 2008

Sounds like one huge night! I’d hate to know how you felt the next day. I’m sure your drumming’s not that bad though, it can’t be as bad as me that’s for sure. Glad to hear the Stoners won. Yay!

2. Yeah, right! - July 31, 2008

NYAC was actually pretty good. They had 3-4 excellent players and actually controlled long stretches of the second half after some good substitutions by their coach. While the Stoners had chances, the two goals they scored were a bit fortunate and the very best PA player, Sam Bishop, really came up big when he had to. It’s what makes a game: goals and saves…

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