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Buffalo Wants to Beat up Allentown July 25, 2008

Posted by Master Shake in Fun Stuff.

Received some friendly notes from two of the more classy Queen City FC Supporters, no doubt feverishly Googling their team’s name to see if anyone cares.  Apparently we’re the only ones that do, since we can’t find any information re: their supporters side, other than the odd one-liner on some obscure bulletin-board.  UPDATE:  Read their blog here.  It’s a hoot! Credit Penn’s Army with getting them some recognition on the team website, their blog didn’t appear until we mentioned O-Block right here just a few weeks back.

WARNING: This is in the primary QCFC Supporters dialect, so those with anything above a 3rd-grade education may find it either offensive or charming.  Sort of resembles English, but not in the good Shakepeare kind of way:

oh how the mighty have fallen? sure, you guys are a good team. Queen CIty is good too. But as for fans? we are far superior. unfortunately we received direct orders from not going to lehigh or each face bans from the stadiums. so by all means, you got off lucky penn stoners supporters.

As for complaining about a 7 hour drive? you complained about a 6 hour drive coming to buffalo retards. talk about lack of support. thats why you may have a winning record, but we will never see you in the big leagues. ha you will fall next year after winning the division. guaren-fucking-tee that.

come around buffalo next year, you supporters expect to have your teeth knocked into the back of your head.

QCFC Oi Oi Oi!!!

– Justin

I enjoyed the “oi oi oi” part.  Real Green St. Hooligans stuff.  Maybe Justin plays the O-Block version of Frodo.

Then there was this gem:

You wear blue, you wear white
You’re from Allentown and you are shite
With a Knick knack paddy wack
give your dog a bone
Queen City says
F*** off home.

Now, call me crazy, but I think I smell Anglophiles.

Friendly fan rivalry! It’s what drives the game.  However in the interest of honoring the Prime Directive and merely observing their primitive species, we won’t interfere and are not going to respond to either of these playful posts.  Nanoo, Nanoo!

Have a nice off-season up there, fellas.  I hear the Bills are looking good this year.   Toronto isn’t too far to go to watch a game, is it?

Native QCFC fans in their natural habitat



1. jszopin - July 26, 2008

haha your totally right, fan rivalries totally is what this sport is about, finally someone for the o-block guys to to talk trash about. But seriously though, with this off season fan rivalry, hopefully more people will check this out and get more interest in the NPSL, so what you and the Queen CIty guys are really good for the league!

I was talking to my boyfriend who is one of the guys in the O-block yesterday about this, they found your page while looking for the teams who made the playoffs this years.

well cheers guys, hopefully this off season wont last to long with you guys bashing each other!

p.s. Thanks for giving us a nice tan

2. jszopin - July 26, 2008

p.s. sounding like an anglophile happens when your from england retards

3. stonerssupporters - July 28, 2008

Editors note:

“You are” is spelled “you’re” not “your” as in the above comment. It should read “…when YOU’RE from england retards”. Plus it’s not nice to refer to the English as retarded (note: next time use punctuation).

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