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NYAC Need Their Beauty Sleep July 22, 2008

Posted by Master Shake in Latest Info.

Blame NYAC (New York A$$ Clowns) for refusing to play the match Friday night after the weather had cleared, according to the Stoners website.

Apparently any such delay would have disrupted Monday’s activities for the team, which included sleeping ’til 11 and going to Starbucks around ‘noon for a 13 shot venti soy hazelnut vanilla cinnamon white mocha with extra white mocha and caramel. Then it’s off to meet Aunt Bitsy and Judge Smails at Pelham Manor CC to discuss the internship.  Let’s not forget having the M3 detailed.

NYAC: thankfully well-rested

We must show massive support for the team whenever the match is rescheduled.  And if this means verbally abusing NYAC (tasteful and sporting), well I can’t be held responsible for others might do.  Stay tuned for match details.  Learn more about Pelham Manor, NY here.

Update: Despite “early morning committments” that apparently only apply to Mondays (see above), NYAC has agreed to a Tuesday evening, July 29 match (???), time to be announced.  I’m rooting for 9:10PM.  Pray for game-time thunderstorms–the refs have been informed by the league that the game MUST BE PLAYED.  All I know is that it’s gonna be a long ride back to Pelham at 3AM–Hopefully NYAC can schedule their pilates class for the afternoon.



1. tresdos - July 23, 2008

As one of the members on the team… I look forward to what is said on this forum so much… Partly bc of the fact that my summer internship is so painfully boring, but mostly bc of how hysterical all the posts have progressively gotten… Keep up the clever text/picture posts… I love every second of it

2. Tommy Ehrlich - July 24, 2008


3. Yeah, right! - July 24, 2008

Is that Sam Bishop in the middle?

4. stonerssupporters - July 24, 2008

That can’t be Sam, that guy it too tan

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