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The Rainout that Wasn’t July 21, 2008

Posted by Master Shake in Latest Info.

In the long and checkered history of bad ideas, here are some of the worst:

1) Hydrogen-filled dirigibles

2) New Coke

3) Scheduling the Stoners first playoff match in 25+ years at 8PM on a Sunday night in July

Now, normally I would say “no big deal”.  But given that A) Summer is the new Spring, and B) most people have to go to work the next day, any problems, delays or otherwise, make this a risky proposition.  Meaning no one will show up.  Or worse yet, the match is postponed (*see below in RUMOR KITTY SPEAKS!).

Jacko and Lisa Marie: bumped to 4th spot on worst ideas list

The evening went a little something like this:

7:30:  We showed up to catch the end of the Laurels match, which they won 2-0;

8:00: clouds and lightning moved in;

8:10: mass fan exodus;

8:20: 1/2 hour delay announced;

8:30: hid out under upper deck concession stand.  Received free funnel cakes for our trouble;

8:32: finished funnel cake;

9:00: rain stopped, lightning in distance;

9:10: lightning stops, rain gone, field dry, fans hang around by gate waiting to be let back in;

9:30: match postponed due to weather.

Now, I’m not sure who made the decision to call the match “due to weather”, but not once did we see referees on the field to assess the conditions, which is usually the way it goes, and we had a birds-eye view from the upper deck.  The match would have been an hour late, but at least those of us who stayed could have cheered the team on to victory.

When we finally left, the 25 or so people who hung around had their tickets validated for the next match.  The upside to all of this?  Free funnel cakes.  Plus we got to walk around on the field.

The downside?  Well, we didn’t get to see the Stoners take a victory lap on their way to the NPSL final four.


The rumor floating around amongst those in the ticket line who hung around after the match was that a certain team from the Lehigh Valley may be forced to travel to Pelham, NY for a playoff game, rendering that certain team’s validated tix useless, and robbing that certain team of home-field advantage.

How does rumor kitty know this?  His tendrils reach far and wide.  There is no escaping die Gerücht Kätzchen organization.



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