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POLL RESULTS ARE IN! and something about the Stoners… July 10, 2008

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

It’s been nearly a week now, and highly anticipated results* of the readership poll have been thoroughly analyzed by our team of statisticians**.

Artists rendering of trained statisticians

The questions, in the likelihood that you haven’t been paying attention, were as follows:

1) On average, how often do you visit the site on a weekly basis?

2) Have you been cleverly enticed into attending a match after visiting the site?

3) How many matches have you attended so far this season?

On question 1, 50% the respondents answered “once a week” and 50% answered “twice a week”.  One added that they “love reading our comments and stories after the game.”  That makes two of us!!

On question 2, 100% responded “No” the (unsolicited) explanation being that they “were going to attend the matches anyway”.  So much for the bottom tier of my pyramid scheme***.

On question 3, half of the respondents answered “all home games, some away games”; the other half responded “all home games, all away games, except Buffalo, because nobody in their right mind willingly goes to Buffalo”.  Interesting….VERY interesting.

Thank you to the two people who responded to the poll.

Oh yes, and the Stoners defeated the electrifying Morris County Colonials 3-2.  Read about it here!

*not really true

**no actual statisticians were employed during the course of this study

***for more details on my pyramid scheme, email me here to attend my free, no-obligation informational session at the airport Motel 6



1. Yeah, right! - July 10, 2008

I understand that 78% of all statistics are made up on the spot….

2. stonerssupporters - July 11, 2008

Unfortunately these stats are 100% accurate

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