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Idioms are our Friends June 22, 2008

Posted by Master Shake in Latest Info.

Where would we be without idioms? An idiom is a term or phrase whose meaning cannot be deduced from the literal definitions and the arrangement of its parts, but refers instead to a figurative meaning that is known only through common use.

For instance, if I were to say the Stoners cleaned Boston Aztec’s clock, well if it weren’t for idioms, you may indeed think that Aztec boarded a surplus East German-issue bus in Beverly, MA with timepieces in hand, spending a fortune on diesel and tolls, to arrive here in the pleasant confines of Crum Stadium and have said timepieces tidied up.

Kokopelli boarding bus Saturday morning carrying ugly dolphin clock

With idioms, we know that what we are really saying is that Aztec were roundly defeated by the Stoners 4-1 through a relentless attacking style, stifling defense and midfield control, and needless to say, Aztec still spent a fortune on fuel and tolls.  HA!  Another idiom!  They are all around us.

You could also say that the Stoners mopped the floor with Aztec.  Now, without the help of idioms, you might think that the Stoners and Aztec got together and, in the spirit of cooperation and charity, cleaned floors at local churches.  But with idioms, we know that means the Stoners thoroughly defeated and overwhelmed their hapless opponent. Boston needed this loss like a hole in the head, and they will  never hear the end of this one. But you have to admit, the Stoners victory was nothing short of awesome.

See how easy it is?!

PA Stoners, first place in their division.  Thank you, idioms!


Blind item: At Stooges after the match, which member of Penn’s Army was pressed not once but TWICE as to why he wasn’t drumming during the match, even though he was spotted holding a drum?

Rumor Kitty won’t tell, because Rumor Kitty always protects his sources.



1. No One Cares - June 23, 2008

WTH? I’ve got a good mind to get into my Trabant, Drive to Unter den Linden and report you to the Stasi….

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