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Stoners Victory: Like “Karate Kid” on Endor May 21, 2008

Posted by Master Shake in Latest Info.

That’s pretty much what it was like. The view from the stands at J. Birney Crum looked uncannily like the Forest Moon of Endor. Minus the huge shield generator of course…and the Ewoks, although the pee-wee halftime match was a fair approximation. YUB NUB!

Maryland United? That’s nothing…try hangliding onto an AT-ST

The crowd was amazing–1,200 strong and vocal, especially the group of 10 year-old girls who put us to shame with their “LET’S GO STO-NERS!!” chant. Sure, there were the prototypical soccer-moms yelling “GO BLUE TEAM!”, but on the whole fans were knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

In the Karate Kid, when Ralph Macchio stepped into the ring with Johnny from the Cobra Kai dojo, no one gave him much of a chance. Johnny had the experience, the sweet outfits, the feathered hair-do, but Ralph Macchio had an ace up his sleeve: Mr. Miyagi.

When the time came for the All-Valley Karate Tournament, Ralph, on paper, was outmatched. So it seemed against United. But like The Karate Kid before them, the differences between the Stoners and their opponent (after a shaky opening) became apparent: Maryland were clearly outcoached. The Stoners were disciplined and poised, while United (yes, I know they played the night before, but how is that my fault?) seemed disorganized and rushed. Look out NPSL, it appears we have our own Mr. Miyagi.

Forget wind-sprints: wax my ‘Vette

Stoners opened the scoring with a brilliant one-timer by Matt Baker, and threatened several more times before a well-executed professional foul (thanks, Jim, for the terminology) by GK Sam Bishop gave United a penalty, which they converted to knot the score at 1. Luckily our boys went into crane-kick stance and were able to finish the scoring with a thrilling tally by Matt McNeil in the 71st minute. Take that, Cobra Kai!

The Stoners hung on with stingy defense and some excellent midfield control, not to mention some goalkeeping heroics by Bish, to preserve the victory to the raucous cheers of the crowd. The Ewok dance party at the close of Return of the Jedi comes to mind

Of course, there were several Red Leader moments, not the least of which was a missed PK, and a couple of point-blank chances that will, with time and experience, be converted. All-in-all, the level of play was high and the guys showed a lot of heart.

Red Leader: “Negative…it didn’t go in…it just impacted on the surface.”

Upcoming match: at Queen City, in Buffalo. Regional champs…you know who else was the champ? Apollo Creed, and we all know what happened to him.



1. Tom Willcox - May 27, 2008

That group of 10 year old girls was my daughters U10 soccer team! They had a blast at the game….they especially loved the inflatable noisemakers, although they made enough of a racket without them! Definitely a very good time for all at the game. We’ll be back on the 30th!

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