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Despite Lack of Army, Stoners Win Battle of Buffalo May 28, 2008

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

It hasn’t happened many times throughout history, and in fact it’s probably never happened.  So really, the Stoners have made some sort of history by winning a battle with no army.

Penn’s Army did not make the trip to Buffalo.  How can this be?  Many reasons, none of them very good, all orbiting blissfully around the fact that it’s a 6-hour ride and it’s Buffalo.

The last time I was in Buffalo it was 1991.  It was 1am, I was driving back from Toronto, and I stopped at an IHop outside of town.  I had $3.  So I ordered a cup of coffee, which I never do, mostly because it makes me nuts.

Welcome to Buffalo

The longer I sat in that orange Formica booth, the more I noticed that, not unlike the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tattooine, the Buffalo IHop was a magnet for all sorts of strange characters,  cast-out to the fringes of our Union.  People with oddly-shaped heads and too much neck hair.  (more…)