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“A Little Slice of Heaven…” March 20, 2008

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

Stopped in at the Iron Lakes Sports Club “dome” last night to meet up with Bob Ehrlich, discuss the upcoming season and just chat. If you haven’t been there, this is a great facility located north of Allentown in the rolling hills of Lehigh County. I scoped out the situation and immediately spotted the refreshment stand. Hot dog: $1.50. CRUD, I only had a buck. Microwaved Superpretzel it was, then. A little yellow mustard rescued that situation.

This was one of their league nights and once the Parkland/Lehighton HS match concluded (which incidentally encompassed the entire field), the pitch was broken down into smaller fields, hosting a range of ages and skill levels. Bob coached the “house team”, whom after a rocky start eventually triumphed. It was a lot of fun and as Bob put it, “a little slice of heaven.” Watching kids play soccer is fun and often hilarious. I say hilarious because growing up as a kid with no discernible athletic ability, it’s funny watching people with athletic talent goof up now and again.

So if you enjoy sport, or are one of these guys with no talent and a chip on your shoulder, make sure to head over there. Bring the extra $.50 for the hot dog. Mustard is free.

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