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Our New BFF February 7, 2008

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

Were you one of those popular kids in school? Then skip to the last paragraph. If not, read on…

OK, so you weren’t popular, but you probably weren’t unpopular, per se. I had no time to be popular, you see, because when I wasn’t fronting my metal band, I was busy in the gym blasting my abs, fighting ninja warriors and rescuing maidens in distress. Oh wait, I may have dreamed that last part. Now I remember. I wasn’t popular at all, and I had plenty of time to fall somewhere in the middle of the social scale.

Then there were those rare occasions when a popular kid would make contact with you. I imagine it’s kind of like seeing a UFO land on your front lawn. When this happened, I was usually a little stunned, which I think came across as me being slow. These interactions were brief and usually consisted of me handing over a pencil.

So when Bryan from the Sons of Ben, the President of the yet-unnamed Philly MLS team’s supporters club, sent me an email letting me know they have added Penn’s Army to their website as a member of the SoB community, well, it was kinda like the captain of the football team and the homecoming queen coming to my birthday party. I am only imagining, because I’m fairly certain that never really happened.

Visit the Sons of Ben. While you are there, sign up as a member; then look in the lower right hand corner of the front page for our link. It’s there, I swear it.

Sobs and Penn’s Army: BFFs4evr



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