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Stoners, Under Pressure, Unveil New Website January 15, 2008

Posted by Master Shake in General blog.

Clearly intimidated by the sheer brilliance of our little blog, the Stoners unveiled their new and improved website a week or two back. This comes on the heels of high praise for pennsarmy.com from team officials and fans alike. Team President Bob Ehrlich was visibly frustrated:

“We need to put an end to this now. The Stoners may be the first team ever to have a supporters’ club that’s more popular than the team!”

The new Stoners website is a vast improvement. It gives you all the team info you need, plus news and other tasty bits of info, just the type of info we have been featuring here since November. Coincidence?

In response to this turn of events, we will be slightly retooling pennsarmy.com to include more original content, features and some other stuff we haven’t thought of yet. Possibly some fan commentary. Quite possibly nacho recipes from the players. Almost certainly an article about the search for the legendary bigfoot or why Newcastle can’t seem to pull it together AGAIN.

bobehrlichonight.jpgAn obviously worried Bob Ehrlich pulls out all the stops



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